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Re: Motels for Assessments

   Please forgive the tardiness of this response, I've been away for a
combonation of a long weekend and a bout with a stomach bug... 
> Greetings to the patrons of the Merry Rose from Konrad der ruhige Baer.
> I know this has been posted before, but does anyone have any suggestions for
> a motel close to Assessments.  Of the two previously posted, the Village is
> full (family reunion according to the desl clerk) and we have not bee able
> to reach the Hilltop.  Isbella is visiting her folks in TN the week before
> and does not want to haul all of the camping gear around for a week.  I'm
> catching a ride with not enough room to haul all our stuff.  The closest
> motel Isbella could find was outside Charlottesville.
> Any suggestions.
> Regards,
> Konrad
   Unfortunately, my lord, the site is in a rather unoccupied area 
about half-way between Charlottesville and Lynchburg, so there is 
little available nearby.  (Did you try the town of Amherst, by the
way?  I really don't know if there's anything there, but if so it 
would be a little closer than Charlottesville.)
   If worst comes to worst, I could possibly loan you a tent.  I 
live nearby but have to work so I can't make the event, except 
possibly for the evenings.  (Being a total slob of a batchelor with
four cats and a dog, I can't offer crash space!  :-)  E-mail me if
you'd like to discuss this (hlf@virginia.edu).