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Re: FIRST KNIGHT (some spoilers?)

> Xavier asks for a non-spoiler review ... and so I shall have to do my 
> best.  (Because, as you know, that is all I can do.)
Thank you very much you saved me from misleading my friends
> If you're into films that depict credible medieval clothing or armor, 
> forget it.  I had seen the armor in advance (at a Rennfaire in 
Already had. I made a poster saying "Arthur, WHAT is that thing on your 
shoulder?"  The first time I got my hands on some movie pics. 

> throwing over the pants on the English armies in BRAVEHEART?  You're not 
> going to *believe* this stuff ...
Take a deep breath and repeat after me
Its only hollywood,  Its only hollywood, ...

> If you're a fan of the King Arthur story because you like the 
> supernatural aspects, forget it.  Merlin?  Gone.  Morgan?  No such 
> animal.  Mordred?  Nada.  As a matter of fact, if you're a fan of the 
> King Arthur story at all, forget it. 
That is actually good to know I would have spent the entire movie 
wondering where merlin was.

> film.  It's got great hack & slash (forgot to check to see who 
> swordmaster was but darned if it didn't *look* like Bob Anderson's work) 
> and a lot of nifty battle scenes and some really funny parts.  (Keep your 

> If you *do* go to this movie, go in garb.  It'd probably be more of a 
> hoot that way ;)
but of course

> Hope I haven't spoiled it for ya, Xavier ...
Nah just comfirmed most of my suspicions.
Thank you for your time

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(alias) Xavier Campbell amateur blacksmith and brewer
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