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Indian Saris

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Greetings all!

After watching the excellent production of "Twelfth Night" at the Carter Barron 
Amphitheatre last night (Be jealous. Be very jealous.) I was struck with an idea 
that I would like some advice on.

Is the Indian sari (I think I have the name of the garment right) a period 
article of clothing?

I would love to have something cooler than my Elizabthan style skirts and 
bodices to wear to Pennsic, and I think that the sari would serve nicely.

>From what I could tell, the gowns were worn with a short sleeved shift/
underdress to the ankles, and a long, light piece of material wrapped around the 
hip and up over one shoulder, that hangs long down the back.

I am just curious, and I understand that The Shakespeare Theatre is not a 
primary source. Just wanted to do some planning ahead, and I know very little 
about Eastern dress.

(feverishly composing her entry for the Hal's Ankles Competition)