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Re: Indian Saris

Elayne writes:
> Is the Indian sari (I think I have the name of the garment right) a period 
> article of clothing?
> I would love to have something cooler than my Elizabthan style skirts and 
> bodices to wear to Pennsic, and I think that the sari would serve nicely.

Yes Milady, the Indian sari is period in silk and cotton (at least I think
cotton is period for India, it is for much of the Middle East).

If you're looking for cooler clothing than Elizabethan, then this will do,
however, you may find the sari somewhat restrictive in that it wraps a bit
tightly. For loose and cool you should examine North African to Middle Eastern
clothing. You may also want to look at Mongolian. A silk del will be cool
and comfortable, and is an easy pattern to make. Almost as easy as a T-tunic.
If you're interested, there is a marvelous book out on Mongolian clothing.
I don't have the ISBN handy, but I can look it up at home and post later.

In service,
Corun (of the t-shirt t-tunics)

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