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Re: Indian Saris

Elayne writes:
>> Is the Indian sari (I think I have the name of the garment right) a period
>> article of clothing?
>> I would love to have something cooler than my Elizabthan style skirts and
>> bodices to wear to Pennsic, and I think that the sari would serve nicely.

Corun Replies:
>Yes Milady, the Indian sari is period in silk and cotton (at least I think
>cotton is period for India, it is for much of the Middle East).
>If you're looking for cooler clothing than Elizabethan, then this will do,
>however, you may find the sari somewhat restrictive in that it wraps a bit
>tightly. For loose and cool you should examine North African to Middle


Also, Norse clothing (beleive it or not) can be very cool.  Especially early
Norse where women essentialy wore a Greek-style peplos with *or without* an
underdress.  The peplos is basically a tube of fabric fastened on each
shoulder.  A further advantage for Pennsic is that it's very easy to slip on
an underdress and voila! a warmer dress - still very period.

        - Anarra Karlsdottir