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Hal's Ankles (A contest entry)

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Here is my entry:
(Be gentle, this is my first try at filk...)

H A L ' S   A N K L E S

(sung to the tune of _Tom's Diner_ by Suzanne Vega)

I am sitting in the classroom
At the latest Univers'ty
I am minding my own business
In the early morning hour
When who should walk in but a man
Exhausted by his duties...
I thought it must be Henry Best
The ankles were so fine

Do do do do do do do do.....

I was lurking at the tavern
When this story was created
But I never met the man with
The famous metatarsals
He introduced himself to me
I swear I nearly fainted...
I could not look him in the eye
His ankles were so fine

Do do do do do do do do.....

I'll admit I am a newbie
And my garb is rough and sloppy
But when Henry gently kissed my hand
He left me weak and woozy
Composure lost, I jest with him
But secretly I notice...
His hose fit snugly knee to toe
His ankles are so fine

Do do do do do do do do.....

But before you think me psycho
And eject me from this contest
This is purely intellectual....

I am thinking of his joints....

And of the sunny morning months ago
He smiled and called me "lady"....
So I finish up my ditty
And its time to run away...

Do do do do do do do do.....

Elayne, ducking and running

PS: I'm afraid you have to know me
to get the Viking aspect...
[Looks like Freya, sings like Thor]