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Clicker Maces at Pennsic

Construction, Care and Feeding of a
Clicker Mace
by Mieczko the Swift

"Clicker Maces" are going to be allowed at Pennsic this year!  A Clicker Mace
is a mace that has rattan in the striking surface.  The Pre-Pennsic Handbook
states (p.17, Specific Weapon Standards) "No rattan in the striking surface
of axes or polearms.  Rattan in the heads of maces is permitted per Middle
Kingdom Standards."  People think that the Middle Kingdom has weird standards
on most things, so you wouldn't expect this to be any different.  You're
right!  Let's take a look at what those standards are.  
Maces that are to have rattan in their striking surfaces must conform to the
following:  The pieces of rattan must be at least 1.25" wide.  There must be
at least 1" of closed cell foam between the piece of rattan and the haft of
 the weapon.  There must be at least 1" of padded head above and below the
rattan in the striking surface.  

Editorial:  The 1" of foam between the pieces of rattan (hereafter called
"clickers") and the haft needs to be 1" AFTER it is taped up.  Don't try to
put an inch of foam down, and compress it to nothing by taping it to death.
 There needs to be "progressively resistant give" in the macehead or it will
not pass inspection.  Secondly, if there are any "Corners" or edges in the
rattan they need to be rounded off.  The pieces of rattan should have nice
round, blunt edges on the top and bottom, or again, they won't pass

If you have questions about this, you can E-Mail me at MIECZKO@AOL.COM.
This is not an official Middle Kingdom presentation, and the opinions here
are those of Mieczko the Swift (mka Duane Roberts) not the Middle Kingdom,
nor anybody else.  Thank you.