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Bayeux tapestry (fwd)

Greetings unto the Knowne World from Istvan Dragosani!

This post came from the IAFA (Fantastic Literature) listserv.  Can anyone 
help this person out?

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---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Tue, 4 Jul 1995 23:12:54 -0400
From: Bill Dorn <WDPROWC@AOL.COM>
To: Multiple recipients of list IAFA-L <IAFA-L@VTVM1.CC.VT.EDU>
Subject: Bayeux tapestry

To all you medievalists out there: I know this is not within the realm of the
fantastic, but a colleague of mine could use some cyberaid. She has received
a grant to do a study on the Bayeux tapestry and its possible literatery
applications. While she has been voraciously pouring over texts from
interlibrary loans et al, she is a relative new-comer to the internet. I
thought I'd throw out the topic to you all and see what we could come up
with, or at least get a dialogue going with her. Any help or direction from
any interested parties would be appreciated. Please respond to Tina Hanley;
her e-mail address is hkph@aol.com. Many thanks, Trish Dorn (wdprowc@aol.com)