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Unto the Merry Rose folk, good greeting!

Just thought I would say a huge thank you to the folks who attended, taught 
at, worked on, or in any way supported the Collegium Borealis this past 
weekend.  We all seemed to have a fun time, from clanging that triangle, to 
making smiling langued lions out of nesselblats; from learning how to document 
"Caid Pennsic", to how not to poison ourselves while painting; from schticking 
to leatherworking to embellishing to poetry to dancing to dyeing to fighting 
to armoring to feeding to interpreting to singing to garbing to camping to 
what it was like to be Islamic and female, to designing, to blazoning, to.....

well, all the classes were fun.  I didn't hear anyone complain that they 
didn't have a good time.  I was too wiped out to attend the revel afterwards; 
can anyone give us a review?

most amusing comment heard in conversation goes to Henry Best, who suggested 
he had thought of wreathing his stunning ankles in handkerchiefs and 
admonishing the ladies to concentrate on the academic side of things ....  :-)

Most Dangerous Idea award to Sir Strykar, who uttered those now-famous words 
which gave birth eventually to the SCA itself:  "We should do this again!"

Folks came from all sorts of places, including those not easily accessible 
since the terrible flooding down-state.  They taught eagerly, attended class 
eagerly, and pulled together to help one another haul, tote, and so forth.

The apprenticing ceremony during the brief convocation was really neat; I was 
especially amused by the two contracts.... a lovely example, this ceremony, of 
how to do things in a period manner, and still have fun with the here and now.

My special thanks to Leifr, Karen, Keilyn, Deirdre, Evan, and all the teachers 
& track coordinators, for all their help in putting the class list together.  
It was a pleasure to finally get to meet some of those who had just been email 
messages glowing in the night ....  :-)

And a very big thanks to those who attended.  It is my earnest hope you all 
had as much fun as it looked you were having.