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Re[2]: Strykar's Multiplicative Ears

     Henry wrote:
%Has anyone noticed that there is this tendency for this sort of 
%thing to be Ianthe's fault?
     Ellwood replied:
Your point being?  8^)
     I carry on:
     I think the noble Henry may be objecting to the thought that a 
     doddering crone like myself would have the slightest interest in 
     noticing male anatomy.  After all, I'm long married to a man of fame 
     and substance; and am the mother of a sweet child.  
     Such things as the curve of Henry's ankles, Strykar's growing dignity 
     (and susceptibility to cranial sunburn) and the allure of Strykar's 
     shell-like ears are supposed to be lost on a withered rose, long past 
     her prime.
     In fact, in spite of my growing nearsightedness, I find the general 
     aesthetic state of Manhood in Atlantia and the East to have diminished 
     not one whit from the level I remembered.  If anything, the passing 
     years have produced men of a whole new level of magnetic maturity, far 
     beyond the near-innocent charm of the boychicks who used to cluster by 
     the list's edge.
     Ianthe                                    kim.salazar@em.doe.gov 
     (Who shouldn't Touch,
     but most certainly can Look)
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