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Re: Strykar's Multiplicative Ears

     Henry notes that the candle is carried over to illuminate Sir Strykar, 
     and speculates on the candle bearer:
At least someone _else's_ anatomy is under the magnifying lens for 
a time. Stryk, I hope you have every bit as much, ummm, fun! yeah, 
that's it: fun, as I have.
Has anyone noticed that there is this tendency for this sort of 
thing to be Ianthe's fault?
     To the Best of Henrys, from Ianthe, greetings,
     I most humbly apologize for using Strykar's hair (or lack thereof) as 
     a metaphor for the passage of years, and take full responsibility for 
     what has followed.
     I even acknowledge that I was the first to mention the turn of your 
     ankles here at the `Rose; although at the time I begged others not to 
     be dissuaded from following your flashes of brilliant rhetoric by 
     their beauty.
     This last round I did not originate, although I could not resist the 
     call of chiding my dear friend Sir Strykar in the full and fair 
     tradtion of the Dread Deracha de Trethe (spelling optional), the 
     household of his wilder, childer days.
     The ear tants were inspired by the estimable Richard, and prodded into 
     grace by Gyrth.  I merely followed, skipping along behind my betters, 
     echoing their nonsense with more of my own.
     Of course, should you wish to attack in kind, I am more than willing 
     to serve my turn as Thing of Fun.  Surely there's something you can 
     tease an Ancient Relic about.
     (behind a smile)
     -i.                                        kim.salazar@em.doe.gov
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