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RE: Strykar's Multiplicative Ears

Syr Strykar writes:

> I will be extrememly disappointed if my ears (or nose) aren't, a-hem, praised
> in song and story as much as Henry's ankles......

Now, no Viking Hal Bard would refuse such an obvious challenge.

	With Strykar's Multiple Ears
	All the gossip and rumors he hears
	All the stories around
	That amaze and astound
	Are the delight of his later years

	Though I'm the only squire he'll play
	Still he works on his figure each day
	To the knowledgeable eye
	He seems carrying high
	But he is not in the family way

	One of Strykar's great charms
	Are the blows with which he does harms
	From all angles they fly
	As you expire and die
	You'd swear he's grown extra arms

	They made him a knight in the East
	After dragging him from a 'Chuk feast
	It wasn't all beer
	T'was a girl at each ear
	Which means two were with him - at least

	Though he has lost every black curl
	That Ianthe through her fingers would twirl
	His charms are still felt
	Has to shake from his belt
	Many a dazzaled and determined girl

	As we gather to smash in melee
	And squires and man-at-arms play
	As Stryk makes his nose count
	He can't wait to announce
	"The fighting was better in my day"

All of which I will doubtless pay for come Sunday.

Leifr Johansson
Viking Hal Bard (until they throw me out of the guild)