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Re: SONG:Mr Marshall

In a message dated 95-07-09 14:06:37 EDT, ejcampbe@unity.ncsu.edu (Eric Jon
Campbell) writes:

>Mr. Marshal, please let me fight
>I'm sure my armour must be alright
>Sure, there's a gap from my knee to my hip
>And that hole will admit a thrusting tip
>But Mr. Marshal, It's one month 'til War
>I've never been down to Pennsic before
>Yes, a hero I will be!
>Mr. Marshal, authorize me!
>Mr. Marshal, please let me fight
>I really wanna become a knight
>I'll fight all day, and I won't go down
>I'll swear fealty to the crown!
>Mr. Marshal, you've gotta sign here
>I'll bribe you with money, I'll bribe you with beer
>You'll see how grateful I will be,
>Mr. Marshal, authorize me!


What happened to the "doo doo doo doos"?  You're slacking Xavier!!