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Re: And the Winner Is.....(Henry's Ankles)

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Greetings everyone, on this beautiful Monday morning!

Henry sez:

I am exercising my right, earned fair and square under the "good
sport" clause, vol II, chap 3, sect 5, para 1. I declare Elayne's
song to be the winner of the "Henry's Favorite" category in this

+ 10 points: written by a newbie
+ 10 points: published by a newbie (if you don't think that takes
     guts, you have forgotten what being a newbie feels like)
- 10 points: filked from a modern song
+  5 points: filked from Suzanne Vega
+ 20 points: portrays me as "courteous to newbies" at a time when
     I was under extreme physical and emotional duress. That
     makes me feel really good.
+ 10 points: nordic in style. Vega is 1/4 norwegian. Elayne looks
     like Freya and sings like Thor.

To the gracious Henry Best:

*Blush!* Thank you so much for your praise! I feel unworthy of such noble 
attention!  *cough*  *choke*  Ahem. I will try my best to live up to being 
"Henry's Favorite." Does this mean I get to wear your favor? :) 

The spring Atlantia University was my first official event, and you obviously 
made quite an impression on me (and not just for your ankles).  ;)

Yes, I will be at my first Pennsic this year, but I am disappointed I will not 
be able to meet you again there. Another time, I suppose....But I hope I will 
get a chance to put faces to the names I see at the Merry Rose. And I just got 
my notification on Saturday that I was approved to be a blanket merchant as 
well! (Nothing like jumping in with both feet!)

Now to make a couple week's worth of garb....

Viking Hal Bardly yours,