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Re: I'll probably get maimed for this....

Mistress Keilyn asks:
>      we could just drop the topic and maybe talk about the Middle Ages or 
>      something.

A couple of weeks ago, while waiting for Sunday practice to start at 
Tyson's Pimmit Library, I was scanning through the Cambridge History of 
the Middle Ages (the volume on the fifteenth century) where I read an 
article suggesting monarchical absolutism was invented by lawyers who 
wanted to assert the importance of their profession by suggesting that 
written law created by the King was more important then custom, natural 
law, and religious edict.

Now that was an interesting notion, that lawyers, and not royalty, 
invented absolutism.

I had always wanted to think better of some of the royal houses, 
particularly the Yorkist Plantegenants ;-).

In Service
Leifr Johansson, "Si non tibi placet, non emendate agis"