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Unmatchable is right.

> Perhaps it's best not to boast
> Of the skill I am known for the most
> But the strength of my hand
> On woman (or man)
> S'like to tenderize the toughest of roast
> Be it Baroness, Captain, or Knight
> If it seems that their back is not right
> Their shoulders I'll seize
> 'Til they're begging me please
> To leave something with tomorrow to fight
> And true if I wish to I can
> Cause Aislynn to faint 'neath my hand
> For this crowd thriller
> I'm called "Lady Killer"
> But Aislynn will say "rub me again"
> And often these Ladies ask me
> Of marriage vows am I still free
> Though sad is the thing
> I must show them my ring
> So unhappy they ever will be
> So if Fernando is ever found slack
> When you find you've a stitch in your back
> Call Leifr to you
> And I'll be happy to
> Manipulate you to a resounding CRACK

Such sound manipulation echoes back
a question for the killer to return:
What boast is worth a crowd's applause, alack--
your vows to sadly own, your wife to spurn?