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Re: I'll probably get maimed for this....

Richard of La Rochelle writes:
> Leifr writes:
> %I had always wanted to think better of some of the royal houses,
> %particularly the Yorkist Plantegenants ;-).
> We always knew he was a damned traitor.....
> The priceless words of a Lancastrian of a Yorkist.
I really don't have a problem with Henry IV and Henry V.  Not bad guys, 
compared to Richard II.  Henry VI was a total waste of time, bad French 
blood, you know.  And don't get me started on the Tudors, a bunch of 
Royal Blood sucking leeches, the whole lot.  Between them, they 
slaughtered more peers and nobles then the whole War of the Roses.  Henry 
of Richmond even killed Richard III's bastard son John of Glochester 
because John had a better claim to the throne then that French-imposed 
regicide of a Welsh Bastard Earl.

For York and Planteagent and TRUE ROYAL BLOOD

Leifr Johansson