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Camelot Faire Demo - Official!

Greetings All

Due to the fact that the directions to the Camelot Faire Demo in Ashland,
Virginia (15 minutes north of Richmond) were not in the Acorn this month,
there were questions as to whether it was an official event where fighters
could be authorized.

The Camelot Faire Demo IS an official event.  Fighters may authorize at this
event.  There will be heavy and rapier marshals and MoLs present.  If any
fighter wishes to authorize at the demo, in time for Pennsic, please make
your wishes known to either Baron Sir Corby de la Flamme (heavy) or Lord
Aedan Alwyn (rapier) at the event.

Others, of course, are invited to come and join us at our really fun, FREE
event with a thousand or so non-garbed spectators.

Questions can be directed to me here at NEILLTL@ptsc.slg.eds.com or (804)
994-5854 NLT 10:00.

Thank you.

        Lady Anarra Karlsdottir