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Re: Hmmm...

I personally made a bajillion cloven apples and cloven oranges in
the kitchen at Ponte Alto's Spring's End event, just last month.
Yup, I took a big ol' knife and, after Winifred explained which end
was the pointy end and which end was the handle, I clove 'em all
right in half.
Oh! <blush> You meant __cloved__ fruit. Rhiannon, I'm sorry: I have
been having trouble lately with language. You shoulda seen the mess
a little while ago when I misunderstood Miriam's request for help
with Norse/Polish heraldry.
Cloved fruit, like everything else except armored combat and gossip,
is something that occurs in waves. You see, cloved fruit, used properly
are props used to politely express interest in someone you are attracted
to. If people are doing this with mixed success, you see a lot of cloved
fruit being passed about. Once the CFFI (cloved fruit flux index) reaches
a nominal amount, we observe successes and a cascading reduction in CFFI
as people retire to the various corners of the room to chat.
You don't like that paradigm? Let's try another.
Few people are comfortable being the first to do something socially
risky, no matter how mild that risk actually is. Once one person sticks
their toe in the water and jumps in, everybody goes swimming. I call
this the "weenie effect" and I have made it my duty to combat it wherever
I go. (Tho I generally am not that hot about cloved fruit) You can do
your part to combat this horrid evil: Instead of wondering why others
aren't doing _______________(your favorite fun thing), start doing it
and invite others to participate. If that means you gotta bring your own
lemon and whole cloves to the event, that's the price you must pay.
-Henry, Scourge of Weenie Evil