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Re: Mary Rose page

At 4:58 PM 12.07.95, Eric Jon Campbell wrote:
>I thought you might find this amusing since our name
>the merry rose seems to be a play of the name of this
>ship which the museum is named after.

Um, I don't *think* so.  I probably have those, um, discussions on file
(somewhere), and can find who first uttered the name, "Merry Rose", and
then we can ask them.  But I think we'd pretty much moved away from a
nautical theme by that point.  I think it was said to be the name of an
actual tavern at Cheapside (market in London).

Of course, the ship might've been named for the tavern.  ;-) No, wait, here
it is:

>The Mary Rose was probably built in Portsmouth and named after the King's
>>favourite sister, Mary, and the Tudor emblem, the rose.

Which means that, if our tavern were named for the ship, we'd be honoring a
royal house that some here have been seriously slamming.  :-)

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