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One trick that I use to keep cool when I fight is to thoroughly soak
my gambeson before I fight -- the evaporative cooling keeps me cool
the whole day. Don't know whether you would want to wander around
in a wet chemise the whole day or not, though... :^) Also don't know
whether or not this will translate to a tent, but I will try it next
time I am out (we have a canvas tent). Hmmmm...am also wondering
whether this would work out East with all the humidity in the air
(we have wonderfully dry air out here) (don't mean to brag or anything);
the effect back home might be more of just turning the sauna into a 
steam bath rather than cooling it off..

The ice pops available at the Coopers' store were very popular for
my pregnant sib one year; also running ice around your body can be
WONderful. Another strange but nice trick is to keep a sheet on ice 
in your cooler (in one of the giant ziplocks), so you have a chilly 
wrap to drape yourself with when you lay down (mebbe even keep two!)
Cool wet washcloths are great, too, for draping on face, back of neck,