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Re: Earl Dafydd

Greetings to Cheapside, and Mar Yaakov!

The wise and learned Mar Yaakov asks:

>> Greetings fellow patrons!  I am trying to contact Earl Dafydd.  Can someone
>> forward me a phone #?

To which my loyal squire Michael, who is nonetheless a callow youth,
well-intentioned but really bad at spelling, responded:

>Uh... He's in New Mexico, learning wierd and acrcane arts at Los Alamos.  
>Depending on waht you want, he may ore may not be able to help you...

Pshaw!  My own squire should have more faith (not to mention that
he should be able to spell the words 'what' and 'or').

For the next three weeks you may contact me (long distance) at
(505) 662-4217.  Ask for David, or Dafydd (which the ignorant may
not know is pronounced DAH-vith, which I am sure Yaakov already
knows, but I mention for completeness), or 'that Earl from Atlantia',
and you will get me.  However, note that you are only likely to 
get me between the hours of 6:00 and 10:00 pm local time, which
is to say 8:00 to Midnight EST.  And, of course, you can get me
a message more reliably through this medium, still (as always)
or (better for the next three weeks)


Dafydd ap Gwystl