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Fwd: Marriage Rites

This just came off MEDTEXT-L today, and as I know requests for info on
medieval marriage rites recur fairly frequently in SCA circles, I thought I'd
pass this along.

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Ginger Rudd has asked on behalf of her student Andy for some leads re:
Medieval or Renaissance marriage ceremony texts.  The following might
be useful for initial research:

Mark Searle and Kenneth W. Stevenson.  _Documents of the Marriage Liturgy_.
A Pueblo Book.  Collegeville, MN: The Liturgical Press, 1992.  [contains
inter alia marriage rites in the Bobbil Missal, the Pontifical of Egbert,
the Benedictional of Archbishop Robert, the Canterbury Benedictional, an
11th C north Italian marriage blessing, the Sacramentary of Vich, the Bury
St. Edmunds Missal, and a ritual from the Abbey of Barbeau]

Jean-Baptiste Molin and Protais Mutembe.  _Le rituel du mariage en France du
XIIe au XVIe sie`cle_.  Paris: Editions Beauchesne, 1974.

Korbinian Ritzer.  _Formen, Riten, und religioses Brauchtum der Ehesch-
liessung in den christlichen Kirchen des ersten Jahrtausends_.  Liturgie-
wissenschaftliche Quellen und Forsuchungen, 38.  Munster: Aschendorff, 1962.

K. W. Stevenson.  _Nuptial Blessing: A Study of Christian Marriage Rites_.
Alcuin Club Collections, 64.  London: SPCK, 1982.

K. W. Stevenson.  "`Benedictio nuptialis': Reflections on the blessing of
bride and groom in some western mediaeval rites."  _Ephemerides Liturgicae_
93 (1979) 457-478.

I hope this is helpful.