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A Delicate Matter of Feeding

Greetings to the Net populace of Atlantia,

	I have a rather delicate research question to pose to the 				 
ladies of our list, and to any you may know who are not on the list.   
My question concerns preiod garb and breast-feeding.  I know that our  
medieval foremothers both nursed and wore clothing in the 12th  
century, but alas, I lack the mechanics of how they accomplished  
both.  Bog dresses have been a tremendous success, but they are  
limiting, what with winter coming; and never quite look spiff enough  
for Court.  So to all ladies, if you know of someone who has any garb  
construction hints for me, please let me know.  Feel free to contact  
me off the list if you desire:
	Patricia Dance <pndance@oyster.smcm.edu>

Yours faithfully,
Fiona nic Aindreas

P.S.  For the curious, no, we will not be attending Pennsic this  
year.  The heat is terrible enough at home for our new baby, and  
since he was two months premature, I don't want to take any chances  
on his health.