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RE: The history of Hosen Volante

Tis true, all of it. These days, the dread Deartharcha di Trithi take more
care with their footwar(e).
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Subject: The history of Hosen Volante
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Subject: The history of Hosen Volante
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     Being newly returned from a progress amongst the estates of her 
     family, Ianthe finds silliness still infecting the 'Rose:
His Excellency Corun Writes:
>>Now why, when I envision Henry's favour, do I come up with the image of 
>>a strip of cloth bearing a picture of that foot Terry Gilliam of Monty 
>>Python used to such good purpose during the opening of each show? (that 
>>was a rhetorical question, Henry ;-) Mayhaps a whoopie cushion comes 
>>with the requested favour?
Beats what I had in mind:
A sock with Henry's colors
After all, once accomplishing this feat, the winner should allow Henry to 
the shoe on the other foot.
Saaral (In search of some calamine lotion)
     She replies:
     I'm no herald, nor do I play one in the 'Rose, but I seem to dimly 
     remember a conflict from the ancient days here.  Perhaps the Noble Sir 
     Strykar can assist m.  Wasn't the fell war badge of the dread Deracha 
     Trethe (spelling optional)
             Argent.  Two hosen proper volante.
     This was supposed to have something to do with socks being blown away, 
     but I remember that this banner once inspired fear independent of the 
     fighting prowess of its owners.  
     The last time I saw the Hosen Volante, the official banner had been 
     left behind and an impromtu stand-in was hastily devised.  
     Unfortunately, by the time of the battle in which it was needed, the 
     only socks that could be found were... well... rather well used and 
     none the better for having "cured" in the Pennsic sun.
     As I recall, all enemies downwind were effectively routed.
     -i.                                        kim.salazar@em.doe.gov
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