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Re[3]: Air at Pennsic - some ideas

     Greetings, all.
     Ianthe's missive about making oneself cool in the Holy Lands are 
     wonderful suggestions. I know myself of what she speaks--we use them 
     extensively in what are referred to as Ansteorra, Outlands, and 
     Adenveldt. The problem is Acre (like the provinces I mentioned) tend 
     to have a relative humidity between 0% and 20%. Evaporative cooling is 
     most effective there.
     On some days at Pennsic, you will find that Nature is on your side and 
     such an adaptation will be marvelous. But if the day seems sticky, 
     your "arbor" will seem stickier.
     I do not wish to dissuade anyone from the attempt. I don't know enough 
     about the Pennsic environment to guess whether it would work. A good 
     dry Pennsic...considering last year, we're about due for one...and the 
     denizens of the Plains could stay quite cool and comfortable. 
     I, for one, will see if I can manage an attempt...a cool spot on the 
     Sarangheti...how wonderful.