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Windmaster's Hill Baronial Champions' Tourneys

	Baronial Champions' Tourneys
	Windmaster's Hill
	September 30th - October 1st, 1995

"Many are called, but few are chosen..."  The Barony of Windmaster's Hill 
invites all & sundry to join us for a weekend of fighting, feasting, and 

The Activities:  There will be five competitions for Baronial Champions: 
rapier, static A&S, performance A&S, heavy weapons, and archery.  The 
competitions are open to all, with prizes for the winners; the Baroness 
will select her Champions from the members of the Barony.  To be 
considered for any Championship, contenders must participate in at least 
3 of the 5 competitions.  There will also be organized children's activities.

The Tourneys: The Rapier Tourney will be a Bearpit Tourney beginning at 
10:00am.  The Heavy Weapons Tourney will be a Points Tourney beginning at 
2:00pm.  The Archery Competition will be Sudden Death, with morning and 
afternoon sessions so that all comers may compete    

The Arts & Sciences: For the static arts, there are four competitions: 
heraldic display, blackwork, brewing, and poetry having the theme of the 
Barony, past & present.  There will also be an open display for A&S of 
any type.  Extra points will be given for documentation.  The performing 
arts will be a Bardic competition running from 12:30pm to 2:30pm; all 
entrants must SIGN UP at the Troll by noon for their 10-minute slot.

The Site: The American Legion Hall in Sanford, NC.  The site will open at 
8:00 am on Saturday, September 30th and close at 10:00 am on Sunday, 
October 1st.  Camping is permitted; for hotel information contact Melys.  
The site is discreetly wet.

The Feast:  There will be a sumptuous feast Saturday evening prepared by 
Lord Killian Baillie.  Please contact Melys if you have any special 
dietary concerns or allergies.

The Cost:  For reservations postmarked before September 15: $8.00 on 
board, $4.00 off board,  $3.00 day trip.  After September 15, add $2.00 
to all.  We truly regret that all non-members must pay the $3.00 Board 
Tax.  Children 6-12 are half price, and children 5 and under are guests 
of the Barony.  Please send all reservations to Lady Stephania Herring 
(Stephani Rodgers, 306B N. Steele,  Sanford, NC 27330; 919-776-6580).  
Make checks payable to Barony of Windmaster's Hill / SCA, Inc.  A paid 
reservation beats four aces.  

The Autocrats:  For assistance or further information, please contact 
Angharad Melys (Lisa Lorenzin, 881 Airport Road #10F, Chapel Hill, NC 
27514; 919-942-5435; email: melys@cybernetics.net) or Wystan Sacheverell 
(Leo Martin, 3612 Grimes Avenue, Durham, NC 27703; 919-596-6534 NLT 10pm).
Directions: Take your best route to US 1 in Sanford, NC.  Going South on 
US 1, get off on Highway 42, and turn left at the bottom of the ramp.  
Turn right at the first street, onto Legion Road.  The American Legion 
Hall is the last building on the road.