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Re: Windmaster's Hill Baronial Champions' Tourneys

Good Gentles,

I have a clarification for the directions to the above event.  A friend 
has added the following, which should clarify things for those coming 
North on US 1:

    Directions: Take your best route to US 1 in Sanford, NC.  Going
    South on US 1, get off on Highway 42, and turn left at the
    bottom of the ramp ** toward Sanford and away from "House on the
    Horseshoe." ** Turn right at the first street, onto Legion Road.  The
    American Legion Hall is the last building on the road.

					In service,


(Yes, Milady Anne Elizabeth, I realize it's too late to get this into the 
Acorn...  just trying to clear things up for those of us lucky enough to 
be on-line. *smile*)

angharad melys, guard d'argent
sacred stone / windmaster's hill, atlantia