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Sops and stuff


My wife and I have dined with a group called the "Cooks and Poisoners Guilde". Although no one has 
been poisoned yet, there has been a lot of cooking. It is in fact at the last meeting that I got 
the chance to try Lady Deoca's mead for the first time.

Each time we have a theme as to what to cook, but it is always to be food cooked and eaten in a 
fashion as it would have been done in Middle Ages. 

This time the theme is breads and things served on bread. I know if we made trenchers we could 
serve just about anything, however, my wife had in mind something like sops.  So if anyone has a 
good recipe for sops or anything that is served with bread as a dip or a spread I would be 
eternally grateful.

Ẹghan mac Ailpin
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mka  Gene Bonar,  Groundhog Elite