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Re: Mosquitoes at Pennsic

Manus offers his first-hand experience with vitamin B1 as 
insect repellent.

Thanks, Manus. I got a couple of private e-mails asking me to PLEASE
use smiley-faces when I joke from now on, as I sounded serious. *sigh*
I appreciate the corroboration. 

Interesting that the method did not work for you in the deepwoods. I wonder
if it is a question of available prey. In other words, maybe it would
work at Pennsic because there are other people around who smell okay; but
if the only prey around stinks, you go for the stinky prey and hold
your probiscus.

As to showers, I agree that it is your sweat that carries the stench.
I have personally not witnessed a problem where I had recently had
a shower and so got attacked by bugs. But I am 1/4 italian and it's
mostly in my sweat glands. More genteel races may have different