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RE: Spam from your sites. (fwd)

Just thought everyone might like to know a little about what's
being done to prevent future spams to our list.

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---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Sat, 22 Jul 1995 09:50:20 -0600 (MDT)
From: postmaster@byu.edu
To: lovelace@netcom.com
Subject: RE: Spam from your sites.

Thank you for your concern about the Olga SPAM.  To the best of our knowledge
Ogla SPAM is not originating from BYU.  We have determined physics1.byu.edu is
being spoofed as the origination source.   Physics1.byu.edu is a Novell server
running Mercury and requires another BYU system to forward its mail. Both
systems maintain logs of each mail transaction.  Our logs do not show the Olga
SPAM is originating from physics1.byu.edu.  We have determined the SPAM is
being sent to IBM VM machines around the Internet, which will take any host
name and assume the header of the sender is valid.  Systems that do not verify
the origination IP address of the mailing are susceptible to this type of

To our knowledge law enforcement is aware of the perpetrator's  identity and
they are making an effort to apprehend the suspect.  However, until the
perpetrator is caught, future spoofed mailings are possible as long as there
are systems out there that do not verify the  mailing's origination.   We know
the mailings are not originating from BYU.

We share your frustration and want you to know we are doing everything within
our power to correct this situation.  However, we realize our role is limited
since these mailings are originating from sites other than BYU.   We are
collecting evidence, so if you have any information (ie., logs with IP
origination addresses) that will help identify the true source of these
mailings please send them to TJay@byu.edu.


Terrance Humphries
Manager of Network Security
and Administration
Brigham Young University