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anyone want to caravan to pennsic?

greetings to the gentlefolk of the merry rose!

my lord, killian ebonwoulfe, and i have been making our plans for 
pennsic, and we are currently working out the journey itself.  we are 
seeking fellow travelers with whom we can caravan, since he feels strongly 
that two cars are better than one in case of flat tires etc.

we will be in his blazer (and if pennsic is anything like last year, a 
4-wheel-drive vehicle might come in handy!) and will probably have room 
to stow gear for others in it.  so far, we are planning on leaving friday 
evening, the 11th, and can leave from either charlotte or chapel hill, 
nc.  if you are in (or on the path to pennsic from) either of those areas 
and would like to caravan, please contact me!

						in service, and i can't
						believe it's only 3 weeks now,


angharad melys
sacred stone / windmaster's hill, atlantia