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Re: Earl Dafydd

Leifr writes:
> Earl Dafydd 
> replied that he expected his squires to want to be knights.  There is 
> certainly nothing wrong about that, especially compared to wanting to be 
> made a knight.  And certainly Dafydd doesn't teach you to want to be a 
> knight, or want to be made a knight, he teaches you to be a knight, then 
> hopefully convinces the Crown to make you one.  I suspect he choses his 
> squires by finding ones who want to be knights in his model, there being 
> only a few better models around (Strykar, for instance).

Before I begin, I will lay the disclaimer that I am not a heavy fighter,
nor aspiring to knighthood. That having been said, it has been my 
understanding that one becomes (or at least should, in an ideal Known
World) a knight by living up to the precepts of Honour, Courtesy and
Chivalry, and that it should not require any amount of "convincing"
to make one a knight. But instead, candidates are recommended to the 
Crown, who alone can knight someone. Granted, a knight would like his
squires to become knights. What I am trying to say here, is that it 
does not seem likely that a knight of Dafydd's renown would need to
"convince" a king, but need only say that this or that squire has met
the standards he has required of said squire, and is therefore a good
candidate for elevation to the Chivalry. Of course it is then up to
the king to observe this candidate in action and decide for himself
whether or not this is so, and it is the responsibility of the squire
to meet the standards set forth by his knight.

I fully expect, and ask for, correction if I have mispoken on a topic
that is out of my ken. Surely there are those with the experience who
can speak to this better than I.

In service,

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