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Re: Earl Dafydd

On Mon, 24 Jul 1995, Lance Harrop wrote:

> Fair Lady Branwynn, who should be back in town soon to be thumped before
> Pennsic, writes:

Keep it up and you'll be the one to get thumped... ^_^

> > Gosh, Leifr, _our_ tutelage has concentrated on learning to *behave*
> > as a knight, not learning to be *made* one.
> Now usually, coming as that does from a Lady, I would be happy to let 
> this observation go.  However, some months ago, during the great "P" 
> debate, I got into a sidebar conversation with Duke Richard, Earl Dafydd, 
> and Jarl Galmr, and we raised just this issue (Actually, I think Galmr 
> did).  I wrote that I considered being a squire as aspiring to achieve my
> ideals of knighthood, 


> as opposed to someone elses ideal, such as a 
> certain reigning king of one of the thirteen kingdoms.  Earl Dafydd 
> replied that he expected his squires to want to be knights.  There is 
> certainly nothing wrong about that, especially compared to wanting to be 
> made a knight.  And certainly Dafydd doesn't teach you to want to be a 
> knight, or want to be made a knight, he teaches you to be a knight, then 
> hopefully convinces the Crown to make you one.  

I feel that it is my duty to convice the Crown (through deed and manner) 
that I should be made a knight.  

> I suspect he choses his 
> squires by finding ones who want to be knights in his model, there being 
> only a few better models around (Strykar, for instance).
> > And the learning of letters
> > has been but a small part of that learning. If Michael Limner has
> > not yet mastered the art of spelling, there are certainly other
> > areas where he shines brightly.
> Tolerance and a sense of humour?? ;-).

That does it, I'm gettin' a stick.

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