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Re: Earl Dafydd

Lord Michael Limner writes (I'm beginning to wish he'd reply to just one
message with all his points, but I guess I'm being as bad):
> > Fair Lady Branwynn, who should be back in town soon to be thumped before
> > Pennsic, writes:
> Keep it up and you'll be the one to get thumped... ^_^

Please, I'm busy teasing Branwynn here...
> > I wrote that I considered being a squire as aspiring to achieve my
> > ideals of knighthood, 
> Agreed.
Now did that hurt?? ;-)

> > And certainly Dafydd doesn't teach you to want to be a 
> > knight, or want to be made a knight, he teaches you to be a knight, then 
> > hopefully convinces the Crown to make you one.  
> I feel that it is my duty to convice the Crown (through deed and manner) 
> that I should be made a knight.  
I am going to digress at this point and define a couple of words:

	Duty.	A responsibility to a large group arising from one's 
		position or station in life (read, the Society).
	Obligation.	A responsibility to an individual willingly
			accepted in exchange for something of equal

Using the above definitions, I believe that the Crown has a duty, because 
they are the Crown, to recognize and promote worthy candidates to the 
Chivalry.  That's their duty.  I believe that ece of paof the Society 
(and they are a Society order) has a duty to train likely students to 
become knights in turn.  I believe a squire has an obligation to his 
e of pato learn, in exchange for the e of p's obligation to his squire to 
teach.  The squire aids his e of pain his duty to create new knights, by
accepting the e of p's teaching.  But I don't think, using the 
definitions above, that there is any duty inherent in the position of a 
squire, which is purely one of personal relationship to a knight, to the 
kingdom or the Crown.  It is certainly not our duty, as squires, to 
convince the Crown we are worthy candidates (politic, maybe, but not a 
duty).  Now if you have an AoA, which I assume you do, then there are 
arguably duties relating to being noble, but those mostly relate to 
courtesy, service, and care for the condition of the Kingdom and Society.

> > Tolerance and a sense of humour?? ;-).
> That does it, I'm gettin' a stick.
Trying to prove my point??? ;-)

In Service
Leifr Johansson