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Re[2]: Earl Dafydd

     Greetings, all.
     I'm having some difficulty with this discussion of knighthood. Some of 
     the squires sound like they fancy themselves as Lego sets and their 
     knights as talented 4-year-olds.
     Peers (that's Knights, Laurels, AND Pelicans) are NOT "made", "built" 
     or whatever else fits the pattern. Peers are RECOGNIZED.
     When we can "build" ecPeer, then that peerage will have been reduced 
     to a checklist of "things to do to get X". If we get to that point, I 
     wouldn't give 2 for the privilege--actually, the privilege wouldn't 
     be worth 2. Fortunately, we're not there yet--and don't appear to be 
     headed down that path.
     Peers are supposed to be exemplars, guides, and teachers. Peerages 
     imply a responsibility--not a prize.
     To me, the stuff of a Peer comes from the inside. The guidance of 
     someone already recognized may hasten the fruition--but they can't 
     give you what you don't have. By the same token, they can't take away 
     what you do have. Think more on that plane.
     (in one of his serious moods...I think I need a beer)