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Peerage (was Earl Dafydd)

On Tue, 25 Jul 1995, Chuck Graves wrote:


>      To me, the stuff of a Peer comes from the inside. The guidance of 
>      someone already recognized may hasten the fruition--but they can't 
>      give you what you don't have. By the same token, they can't take away 
>      what you do have. Think more on that plane.

If asked "Do you wish to be a knight?"  I would say "Yes".  To be 
knighted would (to me) indicate that I have been recognized for deeds 
and actions that I have performed.  Or, to put it another way, I have 
been judged, and not found wanting.

If someone asked me what I am doing to be a knight, I really couldn't 
answer that.  I realizewd sometime ago that my path to knighthood (if it 
occurs) was to be a long one, and all I could do was that that was 
expected of me.  No more and certainly no less.  So, I fight, attend waht 
events I can, try and learn what Dafydd teaches me (like building ecchest 
in ~2.5 hrs), help the Ladies of the house, and generally do that is 
which is asked and expected.
I do not think along the lines of "I must attend event X because the King 
will be there" or "I must fight in tourney Y to prove what a greatc
fighter I am".  This is not for me.  I have grown to love the pas de 
armes and (if I could) would try and fight in every one I could.  I this 
ment missing such traditional 'tourney circut' events as Emerald Joust, 
so be it.  If this means never being knighted, so be it.
Will Dafyyd think any less of me for this?  I think not (I hope not...)
For, I am doing what feels right to me, not that which I think will 
impress (or influence) others.

>      Regards,
>      Tadhg
>      (in one of his serious moods...I think I need a beer)
Same here...  Bass anyone?

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