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Re: Non Fighting Event Activities

You wrote: 

>	I'm thinking of autocrating a non fighting event and I would like
>some ideas for activities, competitions, displays, etc., that people 
>like to see at a non-fighting event.  
>	I've already thought of dancing/instruction as well as the ususal
>displays/competitions (garb, scribal) however, this does not keep the
>majority of people occupied or entertained.  
>	Give me ideas! Please!
>Sandy Toscano
>Lady Aeron Hamilton

Good Evening Lady Aeron,

    Here are a few quick suggestions for event activities other than 

Bocce,Cambok (well, it's not technically fighting), croquet, 
shuttlecock, a palio, classes (such as teaching period games, and not 
just games which involve gambling), shopping, telling bad war stories, 
talking with old friends that you usually don't get to talk to at 
events because there's too much to do. Well, I had this big list in my 
head, and it all seemed to fade away as soon as I started typing. Oh 
well, I'm sure that there are people on the rose that have some pretty 
vivid imaginations and will be able to come up with something. 
    One question, what time of the year will the event take place? I 
know that if it's going to be during the hot part of the year (like the 
last couple of weeks), I think that a sno-cone flavor competition might 
be in order.

Gerlach Wiesengrund
Harvey Davis