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Re: Drummers At Pennsic

a Salaam alai Kum!!

Although I am a Rolling Thunder dude myself, I can't say whether RT will have
a large presence there this year, I only know that I am not sure I am going(I
may only get 2 -3 days).  I have this advice:  Get thee to the Orluk Oasis
and you should find all the drumming you want and also find out where it will
happen.  I do not know if David is coming from the Outlands, though he seemd
to think so when I saw him at Outlandish.  I do believe tht Sylvanus and
Baron Dur will be there.  Ask them for lessons while you have the chance and
find out when their scheduled classes are.

If you're ever in the Windmaster's Hill area on Tuesday nights, we have
beginning to intermediate drumming at my place(when people show up).  Mail me
privately for directions.

Falcone Raasouli Ita Ravin