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Squirely Ambition

Lord Michael Limner writes:
> > >> 
> > >That must be the cause of lack of ambition to be made knights, elsewise 
> > >squires would look forward to the Buffet and the words:
> > >
> > >	Take this last blow unanswered, AND NO OTHER.
> I do look forward to such deeds and words.  I do not look for commentary 
> on my ambition from someone who I have never met...

Your pardon, m'lord.  I was, of course, speaking to the general lack of 
ambition in the Kingdom as a whole, arising from a lack of knightly 
attentions to the training of their squires.  As you point out, we have not
met on the list field, to my knowledge, though I believe we have met at
twelth night.  It is therefore, inappropriate for me to suggest a lack of
ambition on your part personally, nor did I mean to.

In Service
Leifr Johansson