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Re: Earl Dafydd

On 24 Jul 1995, Wynn Klosky wrote:

>         Reply to:   RE>>Earl Dafydd
> Leifr,
> You write:
> >Earl Dafydd writes regarding Michael Surbock,
> >> 
> >> It is clear I don't thump my squires enough.
> >> 
> >That must be the cause of lack of ambition to be made knights, elsewise 
> >squires would look forward to the Buffet and the words:
> >
> >	Take this last blow unanswered, AND NO OTHER.

I do look forward to such deeds and words.  I do not look for commentary 
on my ambition from someone who I have never met...

> Gosh, Leifr, _our_ tutelage has concentrated on learning to *behave*
> as a knight, not learning to be *made* one. 

Dafydd can instruct me in the manner and ways of knighthood, but only I 
can can be the one who decides how to apply them.  If I do not listen and 
appley them wrongly, then it is I who have failed, not Sir Dafydd.

> branwynn ottersby

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