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Re: Earl Dafydd

        Reply to:   RE>>Earl Dafydd


You write:
>Earl Dafydd writes regarding Michael Surbock,
>> It is clear I don't thump my squires enough.
>That must be the cause of lack of ambition to be made knights, elsewise 
>squires would look forward to the Buffet and the words:
>	Take this last blow unanswered, AND NO OTHER.

Gosh, Leifr, _our_ tutelage has concentrated on learning to *behave*
as a knight, not learning to be *made* one. And the learning of letters
has been but a small part of that learning. If Michael Limner has
not yet mastered the art of spelling, there are certainly other
areas where he shines brightly. (And surely, spelling can be such
a slippery thing, anyway. Especially when compounded with a
keyboard and typing lag...)

It is our joy to anticipate being thumped, as it is what makes the
lessons stick, ne c'est pas?

branwynn ottersby