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Keeping all those Michael's straight, what a chore.

Earl Dafydd writes,

> Leifr--Michael Ryan is a fine fellow, but not my squire.  Michael
> Limner was the squire I was ragging on.
I'm sorry, Earl Dafydd, I INFERRED from the following that Michael Ryan 
was a member of ap Gwystal:

	Actually The slander to this house was directed more at his lady
	than at Dafydd, and I correct my stance on that.

But I didn't think he was actually a squire, but only a student, as I've 
noticed he doesn't have a heavy weapon authorization, but a rapier one.  
But I guess that shows the danger of making inferences.
				     ^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^

Yep, good gentles, these are inside jokes.

Good health to your Excellency and all YOUR household, particularly Her 
Excellency, there being no fairer Rose; and wishes to see your Excellency 
soon again enarmoured and endangering all of Atlantia's foes.

Leifr Johansson