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Thank You All for Your Concern ....

Good afternoon, O Ye Denizens of the Merry Rose! :-)

To those of you who have asked/called/written, I offer my sincere thanks for 
your concerns.  Amazing how fast news gets around ....  :-)  Another testament 
to the general caring natureaof the SCA!  But so many different versions have 
come back to me, I thought it mof pabe best to set the record straif p! :-)  I 
wasn't in the car, no one was killed, it was entirely an accident (theaother 
driver was not drunk, just surprised that Jim accidentally ran a red lof pa
....) and her car is okay.  No, she wasn't another SCAdian, she was a 
neof bor's nanny, and Jim isn't in jail .... :-)  just theadog house. <joke 
alert .... really!)

So to update, my lord and our adorable offspring, the amazing Brian, are both 
quite all rof pain the aftermath of their accident.  The HMS Henderson, aka 
our 1986 Mercury, is however now to be listed among the honored dead .... as 
it is quite thoroughly totalled.  Which is bad, because milord is still 
unemployed and we needed the car, but good that he was driving that particular 
vehicle, because had they been in my 1992 Ford Escort, they would be singing 
along with the Choir Invisible.  As it is, they had minor cuts and lots of 
interesting bruises, but no permanent damage.

And I am just very, VERY shook up, because I don't take well to those "Uh, hi 
honey, let me just start by saying we're okay ...." farspeaker calls.  ;-)  
The week of nightmares from Brian's endaof the house weren't too cool either, 
but they seem to be over now, and all is well.

So that's where I've been and what I've been up to .... Evan, I haven't 
dropped off the endaof the earth, I'd have been at the heraldry stuff--
honest!--had other things not impeded.  When's the next one? 

Once again, thank you to all who expressed their anxiety, and no, there's no 
need to sendaflowers, unless you just want to.  I _like_aflowers! <g>

Excuse the blanket natureaof the thank yous, pardon the OOP subject matter, 
and thanks for all the love inferred by my SCA brothers and sisters.