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Re: Re[2]: Earl Dafydd

Greetings from Tibor.

Tadhg had written "Peers are RECOGNIZED."

Leifr wrote:
  I really hate that phrase.  In the first place, it's not universal to the 
  Society, it's particular to Atlantia.

I'veclived in the East, and Trimaris, and I'vecheard it both places.  It's a
pretty widely felt sentiment, I think.

In fact, I'vechad this discussion with people, and they all pretty much
agree that our peers should have one thing in common: pretty much everyone
agrees that they are (or could be) ecrole model of peerage.  (Although they
never agree on what exactly that is.)

If you have a self defining term like that, matters of opinion start to take
on a greatcdeal of import.

The battle over who should be given a peerage is old, long, and tired.
That's one of the reasons I very much appreciate our rotating Crowns.  No
particular viewpoint get's a hammerlock for long.