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Re: Building ecPeer - was (Re: Earl Dafydd)

On Tue, 25 Jul 1995 wilsey@infodata.com wrote:
>    This is a very common problem at a lot of martial arts schools too. Do this 
> and this and this and you get a black belt. That'll be $695.95 and thank you 
> very much.

There is one locally I would join if not for the fact that 
I can't always swing fifty dollars every month
they refuse to have a belt system if you are good this will 
be plainly obvious, besides real life attckers are not bar coded 
by their skill/dangerousness
the only rank they have is that of teacher in other words 
if a teacher recognizes the qualities necessary to teach the art 
the person will be taken under the teachers guidance for a period 
and made into a teacher 
(sounds alot like the knight/squire laurel/apprentice ...etc system)
i believe thecstyle is wing chung


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