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Re[2]: Building ecPeer - was (Re: Earl Dafydd)

On Tue, 25 Jul 1995 wilsey@infodata.com wrote:
>    This is a very common problem at a lotcof martial arts schools too. Do this

> and this and this and you get a black belt. That'll be $695.95 and thank you 
> very much.

Xavier added:

]There is one locally I would join if not for the fact that 
]I can't always swing fifty dollars every month
]they refuse to have a belt system if you are good this will 
]be plainly obvious, besides real life attckers are not bar coded 
]by their skill/dangerousness
]the only rank they have is that of teacher in other words 
]if a teacher recognizes the qualities necessary to teach the art 
]the person will be taken under the teachers guidance for a period 
]and made into a teacher 
](sounds alotclike thecknight/squire laurel/apprentice ...etc system)
]i believe thecstyle is wing chung

   I have always found the best martial arts teachers to be the ones that find 
teaching to be the next natural step in learning. There is no better way to make
fundamentals second nature than to teach them week after week.

   I also feel that belt systems (or any ranking systems) are counter 
productive.  Regretfully, as a green belt in a tournament, I harmed a blackbelt 
with a sound back-kick to the ribs. I never thought I would get through his 
defenses because he was a blackbelt. Later he said he had let his guard down 
because I was a green belt. 

   Measure the man by what he holds dear, not the color of his belt or the 
tokens around his neck.

Luther (who is considering Aikido studies again)