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Re: Peerage

Lord Hal strikes again:

> Leifr said:
> >Second.  If a candidate actually behaves like a peer; dresses spiff,
> >expresses opinions, builds a household, and particularly,  teaches, then
> >he or she is as often as not accused of putting on airs.  However, aren't
> >these important qualities and activities we expect of our peers?  And if
> >one wants to be recognized as acting like a peer, isn't it hypocritical
> >of the establishment to bash such behavior?
> Okay, okay. I have ignored this thread, for various good reasons. And I
> will continue to do so. But, I don't feel I can let this specific "strawman"
> slip by unchallenged, even in a crowd.
> Leifr, I have, perforce, had a greatcdeal of contact with teaching in
> Atlantia these past few years. I have never heard of anything even
> _hinting_ at your allegations. If ANYONE "bashes" someone else for being
> willing to teach, I want to hear specific names and circumstances, not
> generalizations. And if I should learn of such events, involving real
> people, you shall see what "expressing opinions" can really be like.

Fair enough, let mecdefine.  Non-peers are critized for taking students.  
Ask Syr Strykar, Master Brok, or Baroness Annejka for examples.
As for the more general point of being critized for taking on airs, I 
quote my knight, Syr Strykar, so I'm sure you won't want to contradict him,
will you ;-(.
> I have seen nothing but positive encouragement and constructive criticism
> of Atlantia's teachers, in and out of University's narrow halls. I pray
> it always is so.
I would certainly hope that was the case, otherwise, the Laurels would 
have to teach all the classes at University.  But that is not the same as 
taking on students.

Thanks for helping me clarify that.

In Service
Leifr Johansson