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Re: Peerage

Leifr said:

>Second.  If a candidate actually behaves like a peer; dresses spiff,
>expresses opinions, builds a household, and particularly,  teaches, then
>he or she is as often as not accused of putting on airs.  However, aren't
>these important qualities and activities we expect of our peers?  And if
>one wants to be recognized as acting like a peer, isn't it hypocritical
>of the establishment to bash such behavior?

Okay, okay. I have ignored this thread, for various good reasons. And I
will continue to do so. But, I don't feel I can let this specific "strawman"
slip by unchallenged, even in a crowd.

Leifr, I have, perforce, had a greatcdeal of contact with teaching in
Atlantia these past few years. I have never heard of anything even
_hinting_ at your allegations. If ANYONE "bashes" someone else for being
willing to teach, I want to hear specific names and circumstances, not
generalizations. And if I should learn of such events, involving real
people, you shall see what "expressing opinions" can really be like.

I have seen nothing but positive encouragement and constructive criticism
of Atlantia's teachers, in and out of University's narrow halls. I pray
it always is so.

Lord Henry Best
Chancellor, University of Atlantia