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          Are you stating that people should be raised to the peerage
          before they have exhibited peerlike qualities?  That they
          should be "made" into peers while these qualities are still
          lacking?  Are you further taking the position that it is
          improper for Atlantia's position to be that we are simply
          recognizing qualities that a citizen already possesses, that
          instead we should take the position that we are imbueing the
          qualities of a peer upon raising people to the peerage?  How
          paltry and arrogant.

          I would also like to state that anyone quitting the SCA in a
          sulk over not being recognized as a peer has a bad attitude
          and low self esteem.  You should define your own happiness
          both within and outside the SCA.  You should be able to
          define your own self worth and value.  You should not need
          the recognition of fellow SCAdians to be satisfied and
          self-actualized within the SCA.


          Lady Thalia Paleogina